Tenaya Mastia Climbing Shoe – 4.5

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The Tenaya Mastia Climbing Shoe is the shoe you want on vertical and overhanging routes and problems. These shoes feature a split sole for a more responsive and efficient climb, plus a low-profile, downturned toe box so you can utilize those non-holds no problem. Features of the Tenaya Mastia Climbing Shoe Super sticky rubber covers the Upper part of the toe-box and instep, providing both increased protection against abrasion Lightweight and breathable bellows tongue that protects direct contact of the elastic of the instep with the foot Two-part sole increases capacity to adapt to the form of the rock Precision Fit and design holds the arch and heel of the foot snugly and securely Its design and applied Technology contribute to release pressure from the toes for a greater Climbing shoe control Glove-like Fit