NEMO Cosmo 3D Insulated Sleeping Pad


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The NEMO Cosmo 3D Insulated Sleeping Pad is a body-mapped and insulated sleeping pad for snoozing comfortably in the backcountry. The baffles Are constructed to Cradle your body, preventing rolling off in the night and the raised Pillow Baffle; delivers extra comfort to the head. Insulated with Primaloft; synthetic Insulation, you’ll be warmer through the night. Features of the NEMO Cosmo 3D Insulated Sleeping Pad Body-mapped baffles gently Cradle the sleeper and keeps them located on the center of the pad New zero-profile, multi-functional, micro-adjustable valve with fast deflation Integrated foot pump is the fastest, easiest way to inflate your pad, and doesn’t introduce moisture into the pad Durable 75D fabric is laminated to enhance tear strength Cosmo Double retains straight lateral baffles, which Are ideal for two sleepers